Manufacture: RA Eureka, SIATEL Ltd., Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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RA Eureka, SIATEL Ltd.
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Manufacture RA Eureka, SIATEL Ltd.

RPK "Eureka" the advertizing agency of a full cycle having own production base that allows us to provide excellent conditions of cooperation for intermediaries and final clients.

Express Production. The production shop of the mixed type, is created for fast implementation of "hot" orders and preparation to delivery of popular (running) goods.

RPK "Eureka" has six production divisions:

- Printing production:
• Banners, Orakal, posters, the press on plasticity, photowall-paper, the press on a canvas;
• Flyers, business cards, leaflets, booklets;
• Vinyl, interior stickers;
• Ploterny cutting, milling.

- Joiner's shop:
• Wooden, cretaceous pavement signs;
• Cretaceous and marker boards of the menu;
• Children's boards, easels;
• Slate plates, menyukholder, cretaceous price tags;
• Flipchart of a board, magnetic boards.

- Painting dock:
• Toning of products from a tree;
• Production of cretaceous and slate surfaces;
• Production of surfaces for flipchart;
• Painting of a metalwork.

- Production department:
• Signs (light and not light);
• Indicating panels;
• Nastolbny and portable advertizing indexes;
• Plates;
• Information stands;
• Exhibition equipment.

- Department of design:
• Development of a corporate style;
• Production of models;
• Design of the advertizing structures and exhibition equipment;
• Creation of logos.

- Mobile erection teams:
• Departure on measurements;
• Pasting of show-windows;
• Installation of the advertizing structures;
• Registration of interiors (pasting of household appliances, installation of slate surfaces and wall panels).


manufacture RA Eureka, SIATEL Ltd. Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine